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Information about Part 147-approved Part 66 Licenses

Browse this special feature and learn about the benefits of a PART 66 license and the various types of aviation licenses, eligibility criteria and future prospects.

Want to complete your Part 66 training or add a new specialization to your aircraft maintenance license? Contact NOVAE’s Training team:

What is the Part 66 license?

The PART 66 license is the official European document issued by the OSAC under the authority of the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) authorizing aircraft technicians to work for an airline.

It is delivered by PART 147-approved organizations (the standard for EASA aviation training centers) subject to regulatory theoretical and practical training.

There are various types of aircraft licenses:

  • Maintenance of airplanes with turbine engines: Category A1 and B1.1 licenses
  • Maintenance of airplanes with piston engines: Category A2 and B1.2 licenses
  • Maintenance of helicopters with turbine engines: Category A3 and B1.3 licenses
  • Maintenance of helicopters with piston engines: Category B4 and B1.4 licenses
  • Avionics: Category B2 license
  • Light aircraft (below 2 tonnes): Category B3 license

Category A licenses: minor scheduled line maintenance and simple defect rectification in 145

B1 license: maintenance on the structure, engines, mechanical and electrical systems of the aircraft; work on the avionics systems that only requires simple tests to demonstrate their operability, without troubleshooting.

B2 license: maintenance on avionics and electrical systems, and electrical and avionics tasks in the engine and mechanical systems that only require simple tests to demonstrate their operability; minor scheduled line maintenance and simple defect rectification.

B3 license: only applicable to piston-engine, non-pressurized airplanes of 2,000 Kg MTOM and below: same as B1.

C license: certification of the entire aircraft following basic maintenance in 145.

Since April 2019, NOVAE is PART 147-approved

As such, Novae Training is authorized to provide theoretical and practical PART 66 training for the following licenses: B1.1, B1.2, B1.3, B1.4, B2. (17 modules)

At the 3 training centers in Colomiers, Aix-en-Provence and Bayonne, Novae Training prepares its trainees for the PART 66 theoretical exams for which we are approved.

Our PART 147 workshop, based at the Institut de Maintenance Aéronautique in Bordeaux, provides training in the basic skills for aircraft maintenance technicians.

Specialized training is provided at our 2 RME (Real Maintenance Environment) centers, Sabena Technics Nîmes for airplanes, and Helidax for helicopters.

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NOVAE’s PART 66 license

  • Courses are held:
    • In our training centers in Aix en Provence, Toulouse and Bayonne,
    • On customer sites.
  • Sessions for B1.1, B1.2 & B1.3, B2 licenses are open at the beginning of each month.
  • The Personal Training Account financing scheme can be used.
  • Part 147 target: Professional or Non professional applicants.
  • A customized training plan and schedule for each trainee

Eligibility criteria for Part 66 licenses

  • Follow the regulatory theoretical and practical training courses
    • 2,400 hours for B1.1, B1.3, B1.4 and B2 licenses
    • 2,000 hours for the B1.2 license
    • 800 hours for A1, A3 and A4 licenses
    • 650 hours for the A2 license
    • 1,000 hours for the B3 license
  • Successfully complete all PART 66 exams governing European Regulations.

Validation of the PART 66 license

Upon completion of the training program, professional experience is required to obtain a license (5 years for B1.1, B1.3 and B2 licenses and 3 years for A, B1.2, B1.4 and B3 licenses).

Category B licenses are a major professional asset as only licensed technicians are authorized to endorse Certificates of Release to Service allowing aircraft to be released to service following maintenance.

Close-up on aircraft maintenance jobs

Mechanics and avionics aircraft maintenance technician

Review from Damien Legrand – aged 32 - Soldier, 5th Combat Helicopter Regiment

“As I wanted a career change, I started a B1.1 – B1.3 and B.2 license training course with NOVAE Training to develop my skills in aircraft maintenance. I consolidated my experience through 11 years of expertise as an avionics and weapons technician in the Armed Forces. This training helped me develop my skills and my employability with future recruiters.

I heard of NOVAE Training from word of mouth in the Armed Forces. We talk a lot about training courses that could help us move forward and several of my colleagues recommended NOVAE’s training program. I will complete my training course in late July and I can only back up the recommendations I have had. I am very satisfied. It was very intense, with exams at regular intervals that required investment on a daily basis, but I had very good support from the instructors, who helped me feel comfortable thanks to their expertise. The working environment is also very good as we have relevant training materials and optimized organization over the 7 weeks of training”.

Want to complete your Part 66 training or add a new specialization to your aircraft maintenance license? Contact NOVAE’s Training team:

NOVAE is Part 147 and CCA-approved and offers custom theoretical and practical training courses in the aviation sector.

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