• Approvals PART 147, PART 145, Qualiopi
  • Recognized expertise 15 years of experience

NOVAE Training Services Part 147 certification holder

Aéronautique • 10 September 2020

The EASA regulations define a set of aircraft maintenance licenses (PART 66) whose training and certification is provided by PART 147 accredited training organizations available to Novae Training Services.

Several categories of licences exist (A, B or C licence) and meet different requirements and levels of professional responsibilities.

Obtaining these licenses is a major professional asset since only licensed technicians are authorized to sign APRS (Approval for Return to Service) allowing aircraft to be returned to service after maintenance operations.

To obtain their PART 66 license(s), trainees must provide proof of hours of training (theoretical and practical) and years of practical experience in a center.
of aeronautical maintenance.

Novae Services trains the future technicians to the exams of the different theoretical modules within the framework of the following category B licenses :

At the end of the training, the trainees having passed the examination of the modules corresponding to the category of license :

Our training courses are open to companies or individuals.