• Approvals PART 147, PART 145, Qualiopi
  • Recognized expertise 15 years of experience

NOVAE’s versatile and multilingual trainers are in constant contact with the realities and developments in their activities and work each year in our training centers and directly at the clients’ premises.

All of them contribute to the NOVAE spirit by bringing their professional experience, the quality of their know-how and interpersonal skills but also their training expertise. They actively rely on our training team for the design and development of our documents and course materials.

Who are the Novae trainers?

A large majority of our trainers come from the French Armed Forces and therefore have extensive experience in their field of training (25 years on average).

NOVAE’s team of trainers is versatile and brings together profiles and activity expertise to meet a wide range of needs and customer profiles.

Specialized in their field of activity, the Novae trainer transmits the theoretical, practical and technical skills of an activity to learners, as well as the social skills necessary to practice it.

In addition to teaching theoretical knowledge, which is the basis of all learning, they therefore transmit professional and human skills that are essential for a good understanding of their professional environment in a regulated framework.

How many are there?

NOVAE’s training team is made up of trainers who are passionate about their profession and the transmission of knowledge.

NOVAE also relies on partner trainers, genuine experts in their specific fields of activity, who enable us to offer our customers a rich and complete training offer.

What does their activity involve?

Our team supports learners with the goal of increasing their employability as part of increasing or maintaining their skills. Our aim is to provide our learners with all the knowledge, tools, know-how and interpersonal skills that will enable them to enter or continue in the professional environment with confidence. This support takes place over varying lengths of time depending on the desired training and can last up to several months, allowing instructors to train in class, orient, explain, and provide support outside the classroom.

Their role does not end with teaching a course but with the transmission of knowledge that can take many forms. They are committed to providing our learners with the benefit of their professional and hands-on experience.

Our instructors are, of course, key elements of the training but they also leverage the peripheral activities of this training. They are actively involved at different levels of the activity.

  • They prepare and actively contribute to the development of course materials and all associated peripheral tools.
  • Workshop to reflect on the themes for instruction: Learner-focused innovation, Improvement of training quality and effectiveness, Preparation of trainees prior to training sessions, Post-training session support. Their collective and individual knowledge is a key factor in devising training plans.
  • Agility and adaptation of training tools to the specific needs of industrial and private customers and to the constraints of their professional environments
  • Training, technical and regulatory monitoring to ensure that courses are in line with changes in the aeronautical world.

What links do they have with businesses?

Our affiliation with Safran Helicopter Engines Academy and our framework agreement with Airbus Helicopter Training Services for the delivery of type qualification training under MTO Flex give our trainers direct and constant contact with the major industrial players in the sector. They are therefore at the heart of these industrial companies’ training systems.

At the same time, they also provide training to many other industrial customers with a variety of profiles, which allows them to maintain the versatility and agility that is the strength of the NOVAE team

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Meet our trainers

Franck C. Franck C.

Francis L. Francis L.

David F. David F.

Eric P. Eric P.

Stéphane M. Stéphane M.

Frédéric B. Frédéric B.