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Aviation instructor training

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Teaching objectives

This 5-day “Train the Trainer” course aims to give future trainers the main educational tools to cope with all aspects of a training session. This course provides a comprehensive foundation for new trainers in training session design, development and delivery.

By becoming a trainer, you will be able to master specific techniques and teaching methods in order to share your knowledge and know-how. It is also the development of soft skills, individual communication with each participant and the ability to generate positive group dynamics. The trainer must both control his training programme and focus individually on each trainee, in order to assess their initial level and allow them to progress. This training really allows you to further professionalise yourself as a trainer.

Notice: This training is intended for companies wishing to upgrade the skills of their employees. If you are a private individual you will not be able to follow this training. However, NOVAE offers training courses for individuals in the aeronautical maintenance sector.

Training course content

At the end of the course , the participants should be able to :

  • Clearly identify the characteristics of a training action and the competencies of a trainer.
  • Describe a range of teaching methods.
  • Identify key components of an effective training programme for adult learners.
  • Describe the regulation and requirements within a training environment.
  • Overcome difficult situations or problems that can occur during a training session.
  • Define and write appropriate training objectives.
  • Identify and create appropriate training materials and a structured content to meet the training objectives.
  • Select, create and use effective visual aids and student material to support a training session.
  • Use and organize an appropriate educational environment.
  • Describe some ways of evaluating and evaluate the effectiveness of training against pre-determined objectives.
  • Have had an opportunity to practice at least one teaching method so that to more confidently deliver effective training sessions.
  • Practice assessment and self-assessment.


Future trainers

Method of Distribution and validation of learning

Methods used for theoretical contributions: expository, interrogative and active. Practical activities : Workgroups, Brainstorming and scenarios. Use of video during role plaining activities. Progressive scenarios.

Trainer qualification

Experts providing daily technical missions to companies trained and qualified in adult education

Document issued if assessment passed

Certificate of Completion provided after the course

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Aviation instructor training

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Aviation instructor training

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Specializing in training for professionals in the aviation industry, ranging from industrial maintenance to Flight Attendants for airlines, NOVAE Training Solutions provides customized training courses that meet your professional requirements as well as civil or military aviation certifications. Our training courses target various audiences (aircraft engineers, aerospace engineering department personnel, senior technicians) from the Air Force and Civil Air Transport, operating on various types of aircraft (airplane, helicopter). Our approved aviation training centers are open all year round and issue your certificates, certifications and licenses depending on the training course. Contact our instructors for further information.