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  • Recognized expertise 15 years of experience

Aeronautical training: discover blended learning

Blended learning: quick and easy!

Keep distance with each other, not with your career!

How to develop your skills without learning on your own and without leaving the comfort of your home? Blended Learning is the answer.

These new generation trainings provide an adapted pedagogical content combined with interactions in small group with experienced instructor.

It's the assurance of efficient and rapid progress by relying on NOVAE's training expertise.

We provide a large number of aeronautical training courses in blended learning, our trainers have been specially trained to bring you the same pedagogical quality as in face-to-face sessions. Beyond a response to the need for containment, this pedagogical innovation also allows us to respond to geographical issues so that you can follow your training anywhere in the world. Available in French but also in English, most of our trainings have been adapted to this new pedagogical format.

Why choose blended learning solution?

  • Flexibility : an established schedule open to all
  • Expertise : pedagogical programs led by senior instructors
  • Relevance : pedagogical achievements equivalent to face-to-face training

Discover blended learning in video

Blended learning

Discover a selection of our training courses available in blended learning:

Human factors

Human factors

Understand the nature of human error and make recommendations for the practical implementation within organisations of the new requirements of PART/FRA-145. Provide guidance in the drafting of procedures that must...

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CDCCL / Fuel Tank Safety

CDCCL / Fuel Tank Safety

Level 1 - Be familiar with the key elements of the subjectBe familiar with the basic elements of fuel tank safety.Be able to give a simple description of the past...

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FOD - Foreign object damage / debris

FOD - Foreign object damage / debris

Raise staff awareness of the dangers of FOD, identify the different sources of FOD by training all categories of staff and deploying preventive and curative actions to prevent FOD. Promote best...

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Improve consideration of the risks associated with non-compliance with regulatory requirements.Encourage good maintenance practices in terms of flight safety.Be able to position oneself within a civil aviation regulatory context by...

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Electrical Wiring Interconnection System (EWIS)

Electrical Wiring Interconnection System (EWIS)

Ensure that suitable procedures, methods, techniques, and practices are used when performing maintenance, preventive maintenance, inspection, alteration, and cleaning of the EWIS.Master the regulatory requirements concerning the EWIS and the...

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All our training courses

Specializing in training for professionals in the aviation industry, ranging from industrial maintenance to Flight Attendants for airlines, NOVAE Training Solutions provides customized training courses that meet your professional requirements as well as civil or military aviation certifications. Our training courses target various audiences (aircraft engineers, aerospace engineering department personnel, senior technicians) from the Air Force and Civil Air Transport, operating on various types of aircraft (airplane, helicopter). Our approved aviation training centers are open all year round and issue your certificates, certifications and licenses depending on the training course. Contact our instructors for further information.