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CDCCL / Fuel Tank Safety training

What is CDCCL?

According to EASA, CDCCL (Critical Design Configuration Control Limitation) are features of the fuel system design, which must be maintained, for the complete service life of the aircraft, to ensure that any unsafe condition does not develop. It's an essential part of aviation safety.

Teaching objectives

Level 1 - Be familiar with the key elements of the subject

  • Be familiar with the basic elements of fuel tank safety.
  • Be able to give a simple description of the past occurrences and the elements requiring an examination of tank safety, using common words and providing examples of non-conformities.
  • Be able to employ standard terms.

Level 2Detailed study of the theoretical and practical elements of the subject.

  • Have knowledge of past occurrences related to fuel tank safety, and of the theoretical and practical elements of the subject.
  • How mechanics can recognize, interpret and process improvements made or being made to the instructions for maintaining airworthiness concerning fuel tank system maintenance.

Training course content

Level 1 :

  • Brief introduction providing examples of past FTS accidents or incidents
  • Description of the concept of fuel tank safety and CDCCL
  • Examples of manufacturer documentation showing CDCCL items
  • Typical examples of FTS faults,
  • Examples of TC holder repair data
  • Examples of maintenance instructions for inspection. 

Level 2 :

  • Introduction providing examples of past FTS accidents or incidents
  • Overview of the FM regulations known as SFAR (Special FAR) 88 of the FAA and of JAA Temporary Guidance Leaflet TGL 47
  • Be able to give a detailed description of the concept of the fuel tank system ALI (including Critical Design Configuration Control Limitations for critical configuration contracts, and using theoretical fundamentals and specific examples
  • Have the capacity to combine and apply the separate elements of knowledge in a logical and comprehensive manner
  • Know how the above items impact the aircraft
  • Be able to identify the components or parts or the aircraft subject to FTS from the manufacturer's documentation


Level 1 : People representing the maintenance management structure of the organisation, the quality manager and the staff required to quality monitor the organisation. Personnel of the competent authorities responsible as per 145.B.30 for the oversight of Part-145 approved maintenance organizations. Level 2 : Personnel of the Part-145 approved maintenance organization required to plan, perform, supervise, inspect and certify the maintenance of aircraft and fuel system components.

Method of Distribution and validation of learning

Formative and summative

Document issued if assessment passed

Training Certificate

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CDCCL / Fuel Tank Safety

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CDCCL / Fuel Tank Safety

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