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Optional helicopter trainings

This training category includes knowledge of weapons on board helicopters and cutting-edge systems for combat rescue missions (e.g. thermal cameras).

Optional helicopter
Training course

Our Optional helicopter tailor-made training offer:


Basic aerial gunnery

Provide technicians with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain aerial armament (20 mm gun, MAG 58, M3M, etc.):-Provide an aerial gunnery programme,-Provide operational tactics.

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Basic ground tactical armament

Basic ground tactical armament

Provide technicians with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain aerial armament (20 mm gun, MAG 58, M3M…):Maintain the helicopter for its armament systems,Perform daily, scheduled and unscheduled inspections.

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Embedded thermal camera training

Embedded thermal camera training

Secure the use of a thermal camera for SAR and CSAR missions to:Optimise the search for shipwrecked people day and night,Inform and conduct ISR operations,Recognise and identify landing areas in...

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Our Optional helicopter job offers

Because a good training develops your skills and increases your employability, we propose you, in connection with our partners, job offers in the aeronautical sector.

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